Pistachio macarons

I’m having a macaron moment, I just can’t stop making them. I am determined to perfect my recipe, to make flawless macarons every time. I’m definitely not at flawless yet but these were definitely progress! The first challenge of making macarons is the wrinkly feet because without those they would just be colourful biscuits. Thankfully…

Chicken and chorizo paella

Disclaimer: this is not an authentic paella. I am fully aware that paellas do not traditionally include chorizo. After the uproar surrounding Jamie Oliver’s pig featuring paella I considered changing the name of this to chicken and chorizo rice pot, but then I thought why? I’m not sure any of my 28 twitter followers will…


Party meringues

These mini meringues are the perfect thing for a party. They are quick and easy to make, look fantastic and who doesn’t like meringues?! Why people call them meringue kisses I have no idea- they’re definitely party meringues- don’t you think they look like they’re dancing?! Ok, maybe that’s just me. I left these ones…


Chorizo, rosemary and tomato tagliatelle

So here I go, the first of my Supermarket Suppers. It’s a super quick and simple pasta dish and makes a supper (or weekend lunch) for these chilly Spring days. Everything came from the Sainsburys Local on our way back from church, it took about 20 minutes to prepare and cook and the washing up…

The challenge of cooking for one

I think my boyfriend was rather shocked when I told him I was dreading cooking for just myself. I was about to leave home, I was moving into a house with a kitchen designed by me, I loved cooking and I did it every evening at home. So what was I dreading? Two things really….


Easter Simnel cookies

I’m in Simnel overdrive. Cakes and cookies made, ice cream on the way. Before I start I must ask – have you ever had Simnel cake? Until last week I thought everyone had; but then I made some Simnel cupcakes (super yummy) for work and I was shocked how few people had heard of it….


Butternut squash soup

If you want a quick, easy and warming soup this is perfect for you. I love this soup for lunch at the weekend when it’s horribly cold outside and I just want to wrap up warm. It’s a beautifully simple soup that celebrates the delicious squash and one I think everyone will enjoy. When I’ve…


Port braised rolled lamb

I’m not sure I should be sharing this. I’m not convinced I should be letting on just how simple it is to make! But as so many people have asked I thought I ought to… Plus as it’s unbelievably delicious and really rather simple to make so the more people cooking it the better! I’ve made this port…


Litchi, rose and raspberry macarons (Ispahan)

Macarons can be temperamental. To say the least. In my first post on the subject I advised not even thinking about making them if there was even the threat of rain; that they are a fair weather patisserie. But what if that needn’t be the case? Now we are in the depths of winternd the chance…



Not as sweet as a cake and not as plain as a loaf of bread, stollen is he perfect Christmas combination. The slightly sweetened enriched bread from Germany with ripples I marzipan running through it and what can only be described as a blizzard of icing sugar siting on top is certainly one of my…