Black sesame ice cream

The sound of some new foods intrigues and entices. Exciting combinations or new ingredients leap at you off a menu. The anticipation dances in your mind and flavour hits you before  taste touches you tongue and fills your mouth with wonders unknown. The sounds of other new foods don’t always have the same effect. The name doesn’t…


Caramel chocolate ganache Golden Snitches

Some things are too darn good not to share. Some things include these. I wasn’t going to post about these. I wasn’t going to admit that aged 23 we are totally back into themed birthday parties. That I am 95% child 5% adult. But there we go. I have. This time it was Harry Potter….


Chocolate chip mini muffins

Monday morning mini muffins- soft and fluffy with nuggets of chocolate leaping high above their cases. Now there’s a good way to start the week! With one… Or two… Or three… They are tiny after all! Before this weekend I hadn’t had much luck with muffin making- they always seemed to end up denser than…


Jammie Dodgers

What is your favourite biscuit? Is it the humble digestive or the glorious custard cream? Do you go rich tea or hob nob? Would you go for a pack of festive party rings or welcome a box of M&S’s extremely chocolately biscuits (as really it’s an excuse to eat great hunks if chocolate that you are after…


Raw chocolate gingerbread truffles

It was Monday morning, 11am. I was at work and I was flagging. The handful of Werther’s originals hadn’t done it for me and the strawberry blondies I’d brought in just didn’t seem right. I had had my quinoa breakthrough just days before. I wanted something new! I wanted something raw! I wanted these! A…


BBQ time – Butternut squash, broccoli and quinoa salad

I can’t pretend I decided to make this quinoa salad for it’s health benefits. However brilliant it’s gluten free, protein packed, calcium crammed credentials are it wasn’t them that sold it to me -it was its name. Quinoa- now that is a funny word! How can you not say it and chuckle?! Spill it and…


BBQ time – Summer hummus

Rain rain go away, come again another day… Preferably when we haven’t planned a BBQ… So things don’t always go to plan. With the benefit of hindsight organising a BBQ at the end of May in England a month in advance was pushing it- but oh well- it could have been a sunny evening! It…