Peanut butter filled double chocolate chip cookies

Just because I didn’t like something when I was young, or didn’t like it last year, doesn’t mean I won’t like it today, tomorrow or next year. Periodically I like to give my least favourite things another chance. Who knows I may be surprised. The latest transfer from my bench of relegation is peanut butter….


Griddled peach salad

Apples in a Wardolf salad, pears with Roquefort and melon with Parma ham. Fruit has long gone in savoury salads but still it isn’t something I do often. Perhaps I should. After all they work so well here. I first made this salad years ago as a light lunch for a whole group of friends…


Redcurrant and vanilla cheesecake

Baked cheesecakes can be delicious but they can disappoint. They can be dry and cracked and not the soft creamy deliciousness that you are expecting. How much wobble really should there be when you take it out of the oven? Unbaked cheesecakes on the other hand… Unbaked cheesecakes are always delicious, always moist and always…


Courgette, pea and pesto pasta

I eat my fair share of sweets and cake, the man next to me’s fair share and probably yours too. I admit it, I have a very sweet tooth. Healthy eating is all about balance. Balancing your carrots with your cake, your mange touts with your muffins your beef with your brioche! I may have…


Millionaire’s mousse

Some recipes you see and want to try. Other recipes you see and know you need to try. These fell into the need to try. And you need to try them too. Seriously, unbelievably good! I first spotted them in the canapé section of Great British Chefs and as a girl rather partial to a slice millionaires shortbread…


Pimm’s sorbet

“Is it that time already?” “I think it is” “It’s Pimm’s o’clock!” I have finally found my perfect summer pudding. It’s light, refreshing and a little boozy. It’s Pimms sorbet and frankly it’s amazing! Pimm’s goes with summer like strawberries go with cream and fish go with chips. Nothing gets you through sunny day like…


Goat’s cheese cheesecakes with red onion jam

Nothing ever goes according to plan. Especially not when you’re in a hurry. Especially not when you’re trying to make 1000 canapés in three evenings after getting home from work. Thanks Sod for your silly law! But wow, these a real show stopper when the they do work. Well worth the trials and tribulations! The…


Lemon verbena tennis ball macarons

In South West London Wimbledon extends for much longer than a fortnight. Tennis balls hang in the windows of every shop, bottles of Pimms are stacked by the tills and strawberries and cream are the default for at least the month before the first serve is hit. As a big tennis fan I am definitely not…


Simple summer sorbet

I have a new toy… And boy am I excited! Super duper excited. After 15 years sitting broken in our kitchen we have finally replaced our ice cream machine!! As a child I loved our ice cream machine and the creamy, delicious, speckled pink strawberry ice cream my mother would make for us day after…