Chocolate brownies

If I needed a therapy these would be it. These brownies have been everywhere with me. Where ever I’ve been I’ve found a kitchen and I’ve made these. The simplest quickest recipe that turns out the most delicious, gooey brownies. The recipe comes from my Chaplin’s assistant at school; she made them for everything, four…


Venison and squash tagine

Forget Jamie’s 30 minute meals, fast cooking for me is all about casseroles, curries and tagines; cooked in the time it takes to find and boil the peas. Certainly faster than calling for a takeaway. Well almost. It would be more accurate to say reheats in the time it takes find and boil the peas….


Peanut butter spider biscuits

Who could be scared of spiders when they are as adorable as these?! The perfect biscuits for Halloween and so quick and easy to make. Rather tasty too! Beyond pumpkin pie halloween baking has never featured in my house but when my friend saw these on A Spicy Perspective there was no chance of halloween passing without a…