Easter Simnel cookies

I’m in Simnel overdrive. Cakes and cookies made, ice cream on the way. Before I start I must ask – have you ever had Simnel cake? Until last week I thought everyone had; but then I made some Simnel cupcakes (super yummy) for work and I was shocked how few people had heard of it….


Zimtsterne – cinnamon stars

What possibly could be more exciting than arriving home to mysterious parcel, opening it and finding 12 of the most delicious biscuits inside, made especially for you?! The Great Food Bloggers Cookie Swap is just the best idea! Thank you Love and Olive Oil and The Little Kitchen for organising it. After a great deal…


Chocolate brownie chunk chip cookies

How do you like your cookies? Thick and cakey or thin and cheewie? Do you like them supersized or bitsize? Personally I like them to be on the thinner cheewier side with a crispy edge and a soft sticky middle. Exactly like these. The brown sugar in them makes them gooier and richer in flavour…


Chocolate Chip Gingerbread Cookies

It’s always a bit of a dilemma with food blogging- you make something, it tastes delicious and you want to share it with all of you- then you look down at what you have made- round and brown. Round, brown and delicious but round and brown all the same.  This time it was the turn of…


Peanut butter filled double chocolate chip cookies

Just because I didn’t like something when I was young, or didn’t like it last year, doesn’t mean I won’t like it today, tomorrow or next year. Periodically I like to give my least favourite things another chance. Who knows I may be surprised. The latest transfer from my bench of relegation is peanut butter….