Blackcurrant fruit pastilles

Which colour do you go for? Given a packet of sweets which is your favourite? What are mine? Mine are the black ones and it seems I’m not alone. They always seem to disappear first. Red can be too sweet, yellow too tart, but blacks, well they are just perfect. Blackcurrants, being naturally tart berries,…


Bakewell tart

Mr Bakewell makes pretty good Bakewell tarts, exceedingly good you might say. So good in fact that I have never thought it necessary to make one. Until now that is.


Raspberry marshmallows

I find myself writing this post on the flight back from Scotland. I would say back home to London but it very much feels like home is the place I am leaving. Every summer, like the birds, my family migrates to spend the last of the summer days amongst the mountains and the heather with…


Apricot and amaretti layered fool

Sometimes, once in a while, every few weeks, I like to push the boat out. Push the boat out and suggest something that isn’t ice cream for pudding. Adventurous I know. It’s summer, even if the weather is doing it’s best to pretend otherwise, and fruit is, quite literally, ripe for the picking. Apricots have…


Redcurrant and vanilla cheesecake

Baked cheesecakes can be delicious but they can disappoint. They can be dry and cracked and not the soft creamy deliciousness that you are expecting. How much wobble really should there be when you take it out of the oven? Unbaked cheesecakes on the other hand… Unbaked cheesecakes are always delicious, always moist and always…