Party meringues

These mini meringues are the perfect thing for a party. They are quick and easy to make, look fantastic and who doesn’t like meringues?! Why people call them meringue kisses I have no idea- they’re definitely party meringues- don’t you think they look like they’re dancing?! Ok, maybe that’s just me. I left these ones…


Brandy soaked mincemeat truffles

Each bite of these is a hit of boozy, Christmassy, chocolate wonder. I don’t know about you but in the run up to Christmas I am fully of festive baking ideas but then with friends to see, carol services to sing at and presents to wrap I never find the time. That’s what’s so great…


Easy chocolate fudge

As I posted before I have a serious love of fudge! A serious serious love of it. But the traditional recipe can be a little time consuming, even if an awful lot of the time is just waiting for it to cool. Sometimes I want fudge quickly. This is where this recipe comes in. Four…


Creamy traditional vanilla fudge

Do you like fudge? I love fudge. I love fudge on my porridge, fudge with my tea, fudge when I’m happy and when I’m sad, fudge to share and fudge to scoff all on my own. I am rarely without fudge. So unable to resist it’s charms I had decided it was best not to…


Blackcurrant fruit pastilles

Which colour do you go for? Given a packet of sweets which is your favourite? What are mine? Mine are the black ones and it seems I’m not alone. They always seem to disappear first. Red can be too sweet, yellow too tart, but blacks, well they are just perfect. Blackcurrants, being naturally tart berries,…


Raspberry marshmallows

I find myself writing this post on the flight back from Scotland. I would say back home to London but it very much feels like home is the place I am leaving. Every summer, like the birds, my family migrates to spend the last of the summer days amongst the mountains and the heather with…


Millionaire’s mousse

Some recipes you see and want to try. Other recipes you see and know you need to try. These fell into the need to try. And you need to try them too. Seriously, unbelievably good! I first spotted them in the canapé section of Great British Chefs and as a girl rather partial to a slice millionaires shortbread…


Caramel chocolate ganache Golden Snitches

Some things are too darn good not to share. Some things include these. I wasn’t going to post about these. I wasn’t going to admit that aged 23 we are totally back into themed birthday parties. That I am 95% child 5% adult. But there we go. I have. This time it was Harry Potter….


Raw chocolate gingerbread truffles

It was Monday morning, 11am. I was at work and I was flagging. The handful of Werther’s originals hadn’t done it for me and the strawberry blondies I’d brought in just didn’t seem right. I had had my quinoa breakthrough just days before. I wanted something new! I wanted something raw! I wanted these! A…


Rose marshmallows

Marshmallows, who doesn’t like marshmallows?!  Soft and fluffy on their own or toasted into molten goodness fresh from the bonfire oozing out between a couple of chocolate digestives. And that’s just the shop bought ones. Homemade marshmallows are on an other level! Softer, fluffier and squishier! Ooh I want another just thinking about them. I first made…