Easy chocolate fudge

As I posted before I have a serious love of fudge!

A serious serious love of it.

But the traditional recipe can be a little time consuming, even if an awful lot of the time is just waiting for it to cool. Sometimes I want fudge quickly. This is where this recipe comes in. Four ingredients and no sugar thermometer- fudge in a jiffy.


To up my chocolate fudge just a little I used a bar of Fruit & Nut (how exotic!) but you could use anything or stir extra surprises in at the end. How about dark chocolate with popping candy? Or milk chocolate with a Crunchie broken up and the honeycomb stirred through? Or other dried fruit and spices at Christmas? The possibilities are endless and probably all delicious! What would you add?



Makes 60 small pieces

Adapted from Carnation

200g chocolate
200g condensed milk
12g butter
50g icing sugar

  • Line a 6 x 6inch tin with baking paper
  • Place the chocolate, condensed milk and butter in a bowl over a pan of just simmering water and gently stir until all the chocolate has melted and the ingredients are combined. Remove from the heat, sprinkle over the icing sugar and stir in. Pour this into the lined tin and leave to set for an hour in the fridge or a few hours out of the fridge. Once set cut into bite sized pieces
  • Store in an airtight container in a cool room or in the fridge (for up to 2 weeks)

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