Litchi, rose and raspberry macarons (Ispahan)

Macarons can be temperamental. To say the least. In my first post on the subject I advised not even thinking about making them if there was even the threat of rain; that they are a fair weather patisserie. But what if that needn’t be the case? Now we are in the depths of winternd the chance…


Brandy soaked mincemeat truffles

Each bite of these is a hit of boozy, Christmassy, chocolate wonder. I don’t know about you but in the run up to Christmas I am fully of festive baking ideas but then with friends to see, carol services to sing at and presents to wrap I never find the time. That’s what’s so great…


Chocolate brownie chunk chip cookies

How do you like your cookies? Thick and cakey or thin and cheewie? Do you like them supersized or bitsize? Personally I like them to be on the thinner cheewier side with a crispy edge and a soft sticky middle. Exactly like these. The brown sugar in them makes them gooier and richer in flavour…


Chocolate Chip Gingerbread Cookies

It’s always a bit of a dilemma with food blogging- you make something, it tastes delicious and you want to share it with all of you- then you look down at what you have made- round and brown. Round, brown and delicious but round and brown all the same.  This time it was the turn of…


Peanut butter spider biscuits

Who could be scared of spiders when they are as adorable as these?! The perfect biscuits for Halloween and so quick and easy to make. Rather tasty too! Beyond pumpkin pie halloween baking has never featured in my house but when my friend saw these on A Spicy Perspective there was no chance of halloween passing without a…


Chocolate chip pumpkin bars

Pumpkins aren’t something that come into my house very often; apart from the one at Halloween to be carved and the resultant pumpkin pie I don’t think they have featured at all this year. But why? With courgette cakes and sweet potato brownies all the rage I think it’s time for pumpkin to take centre…


Easy chocolate fudge

As I posted before I have a serious love of fudge! A serious serious love of it. But the traditional recipe can be a little time consuming, even if an awful lot of the time is just waiting for it to cool. Sometimes I want fudge quickly. This is where this recipe comes in. Four…


Peanut butter filled double chocolate chip cookies

Just because I didn’t like something when I was young, or didn’t like it last year, doesn’t mean I won’t like it today, tomorrow or next year. Periodically I like to give my least favourite things another chance. Who knows I may be surprised. The latest transfer from my bench of relegation is peanut butter….


Millionaire’s mousse

Some recipes you see and want to try. Other recipes you see and know you need to try. These fell into the need to try. And you need to try them too. Seriously, unbelievably good! I first spotted them in the canapé section of Great British Chefs and as a girl rather partial to a slice millionaires shortbread…


Caramel chocolate ganache Golden Snitches

Some things are too darn good not to share. Some things include these. I wasn’t going to post about these. I wasn’t going to admit that aged 23 we are totally back into themed birthday parties. That I am 95% child 5% adult. But there we go. I have. This time it was Harry Potter….